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Woodland Springs Keller

Clean Minimal Kitchen

The Task & Project Vision

In the world of interior remodeling, projects can vary greatly in scope, with some necessitating major modifications, while others demand more straightforward updates. This particular project fell into the latter category. After discussing the client's vision, our task was to execute a stunning and straightforward kitchen remodel that delivered a "wow" factor without the need for extensive reconstruction.

In this project, we retained the existing flooring and cabinet layout, focusing on strategic updates to transform the space. Previously, there was a movable kitchen island and a raised bar area. We decided to lower the bar area, creating a single-level countertop that eliminated the need for the movable island and provided a more seamless and functional space.

To enhance the kitchen's aesthetic, we installed new white quartz countertops with subtle grey accents, introducing an elegant and timeless look. The cabinets were refaced in an off-white color, further contributing to the clean and minimalistic appearance. We also incorporated new lighting fixtures to brighten the space and accentuate the updated design elements.

These carefully selected updates combined to create a beautiful kitchen remodel with a fresh and minimalistic look that met the client's expectations without requiring major structural changes. The end result showcases the power of thoughtful design choices in transforming a space, even when the modifications are more subtle in nature.

Project Gallery - Before & After

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