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Bathroom Remodel

Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with Custom Design Solutions and Quality Materials | Adrian's Bath

Welcome to Adrian's, where we specialize in transforming bathrooms into exceptional, personalized spaces tailored to your unique style and needs. With our expertise in custom cabinetry, painting, strategic lighting solutions, and a wide array of flooring and wall materials, we are committed to creating a stunning and functional bathroom experience that enhances your daily routine. Explore our design tips and quality materials to discover how you can elevate your bathroom, improve its value, and create a sanctuary within your home.

Under Cabinet lighting in a modern bathroom remodel

Discover the Impact of Flooring and Wall Materials on Bathroom Aesthetics and Functionality

The bathroom is one of the most visited spaces within the interior of the home, and the choice of flooring and wall materials greatly influences its overall ambiance and functionality. As you walk into the space you are quickly greeted by the floor, immediately setting the tone. With options such as Wood-Look Tile, Luxury SPC Vinyl, Ceramic, or Porcelain Tile, each material offers a unique sensation underfoot and contributes to the room's overall aesthetic.

In the shower area, the floor must not only be visually appealing, but also water-resistant to prevent slips. Shower floors come in various colors and patterns, allowing for customized designs that suit individual preferences. Shower walls offer a wide array of textures and colors, ranging from natural stone appearances to sleek and sophisticated white tiles, often featuring a glossy or polished finish for added refinement.

In addition to wall and flooring materials, consider incorporating decorative elements such as mosaic tiles, accent walls, or patterned tiles to create a focal point in the bathroom. These artistic touches can elevate the overall design, making your bathroom a unique and personalized space. Click to view our Bathroom Remodel Projects

At Adrian's, we prioritize the use of materials that excel in both aesthetics and functionality for all projects. By upgrading your bathroom with the perfect combination of floor and wall materials, you can significantly improve its style, enhance the user experience, and ultimately increase your home's value.

Beige Tone Bathroom Tile and Cabinets

Maximize Bathroom Storage and Style with Personalized Cabinetry Solutions from Adrian's

Cabinets are essential components in any bathroom, offering functional storage solutions that declutter and organize your most vital items. At Adrian's, we go beyond functionality by creating custom cabinets tailored to our clients' unique needs and preferences. Our personalized approach encompasses various design elements, such as paint schemes, cabinet pulls, shapes, quantities, and lighting features, to ensure a perfect fit for your bathroom.

Floating cabinets, also known as wall-mounted cabinets, are a popular and stylish choice for modern bathroom designs. These cabinets appear to "float" above the floor, creating a visually appealing, uncluttered look while offering valuable storage solutions. Floating cabinets are especially an excellent option for small bathrooms, as they free up valuable floor space and create the illusion of a larger room.

For an added touch of elegance, we can install LED lighting beneath floating cabinets, casting a soft glow on the floor and enhancing the overall ambiance. We always prioritize our clients' desires, and if you have a specific vision or design in mind, our team will bring it to life with meticulous attention to detail.

For those seeking a budget-friendly option, cabinet refacing is an ideal solution. By retaining the existing cabinet layout and updating doors, pulls, and finishes, you can refresh your bathroom's appearance without breaking the bank.

Whether you choose custom cabinets or opt for cabinet refacing, these upgrades will significantly enhance the look and feel of your bathroom while increasing your home's overall value. Trust Adrian's to deliver exceptional cabinetry solutions that combine style, functionality, and personalized design for a truly remarkable bathroom experience. Click to view our Bathroom Remodel Projects

Numerous LED Halo Ceiling Lights in Bathroom

Illuminate Your Bathroom with Strategic Lighting Solutions for Enhanced Ambiance and Functionality

Lighting is a crucial element in any space, particularly in a bathroom, where it can significantly impact the atmosphere and functionality. A well-lit bathroom not only improves navigation but also showcases the beautiful features within the space, such as fixtures, cabinets, and flooring. By strategically positioning the lighting, you can emphasize specific areas to create a captivating environment.

Popular lighting solutions include LED can or recessed lights, which are both energy-efficient and versatile. These can be tailored to feature motion activation, dimmers, or user-friendly on/off switches, offering ultimate control over the brightness and mood of the space. Additionally, sconces or pendant lights installed above the mirror add a stylish touch while enhancing visibility for grooming and other personal care tasks.

To further elevate your bathroom's ambiance, consider incorporating layered lighting. This approach utilizes a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a balanced and inviting atmosphere. By integrating various lighting styles, you can seamlessly meet your functional needs while adding visual interest to the space. An example of this would be under the cabinet lighting, this lighting option can make it easier to maneauver in the morning or at night, without having to turn on any bright lights.

With countless options available, we at Adrian's are dedicated to finding the perfect lighting solution for each client, ensuring that their bathroom is both visually stunning and optimally functional.

Click to view our Bathroom Remodel Projects

Explore the Benefits of Quartz for a Durable and Stylish Bathroom Vanity Surface

Quartz has become increasingly popular as a material for bathroom vanities due to its exceptional durability and sophisticated appearance. Granite features more pronounced variations and patterns, while quartz offers a more uniform, subtle look with minimal movement, making it a versatile choice for any bathroom design.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, quartz boasts several advantages over granite and other natural stones. As a stronger material, it is highly resistant to chipping and scratching, ensuring your bathroom vanity remains in pristine condition for years to come. Its low porosity also makes quartz easier to maintain, reducing the likelihood of staining and simplifying the cleaning process.

While both granite and quartz are considered premium materials for vanity countertops, the unique characteristics of quartz set it apart as a superior option for those seeking a stylish and durable solution. By choosing quartz for your bathroom vanity, you can enhance the overall design and functionality of your space while ensuring long-lasting beauty and performance. Click to view our Bathroom Remodel Projects

Enhance Your Bathroom's Appeal with Frameless Glass Enclosures and Glass Gliders for a Sleek and Modern Look

Frameless glass enclosures and glass gliders are excellent additions to any bathroom remodel, offering a contemporary and sophisticated touch that elevates the overall aesthetic. These sleek, minimalist design elements not only enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom but also create a more spacious and open feel.

A frameless glass enclosure for your shower or bathtub provides an unobstructed view and allows natural light to flow seamlessly throughout the space. Its clean lines and absence of bulky hardware create an elegant, seamless appearance that complements any bathroom design.

Glass gliders, also known as sliding glass doors, are a perfect solution for compact bathroom spaces or situations where a traditional swinging door may not be practical. These space-saving and stylish doors glide effortlessly along a track, providing smooth and easy access to your shower or bathtub area.

Upgrade your bathroom with the addition of frameless glass enclosures and glass gliders to achieve a modern, luxurious atmosphere that combines style, functionality, and visual appeal.

Click to view our Bathroom Remodel Projects

Revitalize Your Bathroom with Expert Painting Services for a Fresh and Invigorating Atmosphere

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders in transforming the look and feel of your bathroom. At Adrian's, we offer professional painting services that breathe new life into your space, creating a rejuvenating atmosphere that complements your bathroom remodel. Our team of skilled painters will work closely with you to select the perfect color scheme that enhances your bathroom's aesthetic while reflecting your personal taste and style.

In addition to walls, we can also refresh other surfaces in your bathroom, such as doors, baseboards and trim, for a cohesive and polished result. By updating the paint throughout your bathroom, you can create a harmonious and welcoming space that not only elevates your bathroom experience but also adds value to your home.

Transform Your Bathroom with a Stylish and Comfortable Tub Upgrade for a Relaxing Retreat

During a bathroom remodel, some homeowners opt to retain or upgrade their tubs, with clawfoot and standalone tubs being popular choices for their timeless elegance and luxury. These tubs can transform your bathroom into a serene sanctuary perfect for relaxation and unwinding after a long day. We can also keep the existing tub and tile around the area utilizing the same shower tile, as a cost-friendly option.

Besides choosing the perfect tub style, we can also help you update fixtures and hardware to ensure a cohesive and refined appearance throughout your bathroom.

In conclusion, Adrian's is committed to delivering a truly exceptional and personalized bathroom remodel experience. Our comprehensive services, including custom cabinetry, strategic lighting, flooring and wall materials, vanity surfaces, painting, frameless glass enclosures, glass gliders, and elegant tub upgrades, ensure that your remodeled bathroom exceeds your expectations in both aesthetics and functionality. Allow our team of experts to guide you through the transformation process, helping you make informed decisions that result in a stunning, inviting, and valuable addition to your home. Contact us today to embark on your bathroom renovation journey and discover the Adrian's difference in quality, craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Click to view our Bathroom Remodel Projects

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Customer Review as found on Angie's List

"Adrian and his team did a wonderful job on our shower/bathroom remodel. It looks amazing, we are so pleased! Adrian was very helpful and responsive throughout the process. We couldn't be more happier and will definitely recommend Adrian's Flooring to our family and friends."

-Shannon Smith

Customer Review as found on Google Reviews

"Adrian and his crew were professional, courteous and completed the work in a very timely manner. I am so pleased with the incredible job they did on my guest and master baths, particularly the master shower! They also installed beautiful wood look tile flooring in my living room and plush carpet in the bedrooms. The whole process was easy because Adrian made sure it all ran smoothly. I highly recommend Adrian’s Flooring!"


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