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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Flooring

We've partnered with a 3rd party financing company, Synchrony Bank, to offer convenient payment plants and financing options. Our most popular financing plan is 12-month zero interest free financing, or 12-month same as cash. Adrian's Flooring does not approve or deny financing applications, our 3rd party financing company handles that, but we do process applications. If you're interested in this option feel free to inquire.

Do we have to stay in a hotel or with family during a project?

You can. We've had customers who have done both, they have stayed with family, friends, or a hotel for a couple of days. We've also had customers who have stayed home. When installing carpet, tile, wood, luxury vinyl, bathroom remodel, or whatever it may be, we work with you, the customers needs, to ensure a smooth installation process.  

For Installations do you move furniture?

Yes, we do move furniture. We advise our customers to move smaller breakable items like electronics or glass frames. The larger furniture like Sofas and tables we move. If furniture is moved before our crew gets there the project often times gets completed quicker. 

What quality of Carpet pad do you use?

For all our carpet installations we use a premium 1/2inch 8 pound pad. This pad is very comfortable and durable, it will last years. We also have an ultra triple protection pad that is a step above our premium pad, to have that installed please inquire during a in-home consultation. The pad has a spill guard layer to prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria and mold in case urine or liquid is spilled on the carpet.

How soon can you install?

If the product is available we can install in 4-5 days. in certain circumstances we have installed sooner. If the product is not available there is a wait-time of about 7 days. The sooner the project is approved the sooner we can order the products.

I have pets, what flooring do you recommend for easy maintenance?

Tile is the most durable flooring material we have. it's water-proof and can easily be cleaned if there are spills or accidents. Like anything, if one was to pound a sledge hammer onto tile, it will of course crack, otherwise accidentally dropping a glass cup will not damage the tile floor. You may have to replace the glass cup, however. We carry a variety of tiles from traditional floor tiles, to wood look tiles, and bathroom wall tiles. Click here to find out more.


Our Luxury Vinyl flooring is also waterproof and durable. Both our tile and SPC Luxury vinyl are really high-up in durability, with tile being slightly above vinyl in durability. You cannot go wrong with either if looking for an easy maintenance product. Unlike wood flooring, if water spills on luxury vinyl water will bead up and will not damage the floor. it's recommended that any spill be cleaned up quickly. For more information on SPC Luxury Vinyl click here.

Do you repair cracked tiles?

Tile flooring can crack for a variety of reasons, there could be movement in the slab, etc. If you have spare tiles, we can replace the the cracked floor tile with new tile. it would helpful to have the grout or at least the grout color on hand as well. 

My shower is leaking, help!

Again, this can be caused by a variety of reasons. Our approach is to provide the most cost-effective solution to you. A couple reasons why this leak is occurring are as follows: a tile can be cracked, grouting or caulking may have holes that allow water to seep through, shower glass may not be secure. Our crew can come out and assess what the cause is and offer our recommendation. 

What's a Quarter round, Baseboard, T-Mold Transition?

Quarter round Stick

Quarter Round

White Baseboard with Quarter Round

Quarter Round with Baseboard

White baseboard

Quarter Round No Baseboard

T-Mold Transition

T-Mold Transition

Do you offer financing or payment plans?

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