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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Flooring

Do you offer financing or payment plans?

We've teamed up with a third-party financing provider, Synchrony Bank, to offer convenient payment plans and financing options for our clients. Our most popular financing plan is the 12-month interest-free financing, also known as the 12-month same-as-cash option. Adrian's Flooring does not approve or deny financing applications; instead, our third-party financing company manages this process. However, we do assist with processing applications. If you're interested in exploring this option, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Do we have to stay in a hotel or with family during a project?

Certainly! We've had customers who have chosen various accommodations during their projects, such as staying with family, friends, or in a hotel for a few days. On the other hand, we've also had clients who have opted to remain at home. Whether we're installing carpet, tile, wood, luxury vinyl, conducting a bathroom remodel, or any other service, we collaborate closely with you to accommodate your needs and ensure a seamless installation process.

For Installations do you move furniture?

Indeed, we handle furniture relocation. We recommend that our customers take care of moving smaller, fragile items such as electronics or glass frames. Our team will move larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas, appliances like refrigerators or ovens, and tables. If furniture is already moved prior to our crew's arrival, it often results in a quicker project completion.

How do you dispose of material waste? Do you leave it on the curb?

At the beginning of a project, we take up the existing material, whether that be wood, tile, laminate, or carpet flooring. After we complete the demo portion of the project, we collect the waste and dispose of them at our company dumpster. We do not leave waste on the clients curb.

How soon can you install?

If the product is available we can generally begin installation in under a month or two, this goes for bathroom, kitchen and flooring projects. For an exact timeline we would need a project description of the work requested. 

I have pets, what flooring do you recommend for easy maintenance?

Tile is the most robust flooring material available, boasting water resistance and easy clean-up in the event of spills or accidents. While tile can withstand everyday wear and tear, it is not impervious to damage from extreme force, such as a sledgehammer. However, a dropped glass cup will not harm the tile floor, though you might need to replace the cup. We offer a wide array of tile options, including traditional square floor tiles and modern wood-look tiles. 

Luxury Vinyl flooring is another waterproof option. Both tile and SPC Luxury Vinyl have properties that give it levels of resilience. in terms of durability, tile is greater than vinyl, substantially so.

Do you repair cracked tiles?

Tile flooring may crack due to several factors, such as improper installation, poor quality tiles, uneven or weak subfloor, heavy impact to name a few. If you have spare tiles, we can replace the cracked floor tile with a new one. It would also be helpful to have the grout or, at the very least, the grout color available for a seamless repair.

My shower is leaking, help!

A shower leak can be caused by various factors, and our goal is to offer you the most cost-effective solution. Some common reasons for leaks include cracked tiles, deteriorated grout or caulking with gaps that allow water to seep through, and unsecured shower glass. Other potential causes could be damaged plumbing fixtures, a faulty shower pan or liner, or even a blocked drain. Our experienced team can visit your site, assess the root of the problem, and provide you with our expert recommendation. By addressing the issue promptly and effectively, we can help ensure the long-term functionality and integrity of your shower.

What quality of Carpet pad do you use?

For all our carpet installations, we utilize a premium 1/2-inch, 8-pound pad that provides exceptional comfort and durability, ensuring it lasts for years. We also offer a spillguard pad, which is a step above our premium option. To request this upgraded pad, please inquire during an in-home consultation. This superior pad features a spill guard layer designed to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold in the event of urine or liquid spills that could possibly penetrate the carpet.

What's a Quarter round, Baseboard, T-Mold Transition?

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