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A Chic Open Concept Kitchen

The Task & Project Vision

We had previously installed wood stairs with white risers for our client in Keller and were delighted to be called back for further projects in their bath and kitchen. For the kitchen space, our vision was to create a chic open-concept kitchen with a contemporary color palette. We reconfigured the walls in the kitchen, minimizing their presence to create a more spacious and inviting area.

The cabinets closest to the wall were refaced in white, adding brightness and a modern touch to the space. We installed a new custom island with cabinets, painted in a sophisticated dark grey with a subtle blue tint, adding depth and visual interest. Previously, there had been a gap between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinets closest to the wall; we addressed this by adding a sectional, creating a seamless and polished appearance. These cabinets were further enhanced with sleek stainless pull bars for a contemporary accent.

New level 5 quartz countertops in white with subtle grey veining were installed, providing a luxurious and refined surface that extended to the backsplash and window frame. We selected a chic grey wood-look tile for the flooring throughout the home, unifying each space and reinforcing the open-concept design. A new ceiling fan was installed, along with energy-efficient LED Halo lights that illuminated the entire home. The walls were painted in a soft off-white color, providing a neutral backdrop that allowed the other design elements to shine.

By maintaining consistency across the different rooms, we created harmony and cohesion, seamlessly uniting all the spaces within the home and achieving a stylish open-concept kitchen with modern appeal.

Project Gallery - Before & After

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