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Aledo twin bath

Black Luxe & Soft Pink Bath

The Task & Project Vision

We were tasked with completing three bathrooms, two guest bath and one master bath, for our client in Aledo TX. While we maintained a consistent layout for both spaces, we selected unique materials for each, tailoring the designs to bring their individual visions to life.

One daughter desired an array black tones, for a Modern Deco Luxe style. The bathroom exudes a sense of luxury and drama, starting with its semi-gloss black tub, a feature reminiscent of upscale, modern designs. Complementing this is the reflective subway tile in shades of grey, charcoal, and beige, lending both a modern and slightly eclectic ambiance. The 1.5-inch hexagon mosaics bring a vintage charm, reminiscent of art deco and European designs, seamlessly melding with the light grey walls that provide a neutral and clean backdrop. Intensifying the drama, the bold black ceiling, paired with the modern glow of LED Halo lights, creates a mesmerizing, starry effect, slightly echoing industrial vibes. Custom cabinetry, both above the commode and the vanity, along with the tailored framed mirrors, are swathed in the same understated black, anchoring the space in cohesive opulence. This unity is topped off by the vanity's reflective granite countertop. Finishing touches, like the matte black cabinet handles and faucets, offer an understated elegance, epitomizing the sleekness of modern design. The entire ensemble coalesces into Modern Deco Luxe, a style that marries the contemporary with the classic, bathed in luxurious unity.

The other daughter's bathroom, while mirroring the layout of the first, is painted with a distinctly fresh palette of colors and materials that evoke a Soft Vintage Elegance. This space is a delightful melding of gentle femininity, modern accents, and vintage charm. The cabinets, bathed in a delicate soft pink, set the stage for a room that whispers of bygone eras. Atop these cabinets lies pristine white quartz with subtle light grey veining, a nod to both classic and contemporary design aesthetics. The blue-grey glass vessel sink introduces a chic, modern touch, harmonizing beautifully with the bathroom's matte grey and white 8x8 deco-patterned tiles. These tiles, with their unmistakable nod to art deco design, seamlessly blend with the reflective white subway tiles of the shower wall, creating an ambiance of refined nostalgia. Meanwhile, beige sidewalls, a shade deeper than the floor, wrap the room in a warm embrace, perfectly balancing the cool and warm tones. The sophistication of matte black faucets and handles provides the finishing touch, a contemporary contrast to the room's soft hues. As a whole, this bathroom gracefully balances the past and present, exuding an elegance both timeless and current.

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