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Kitchen Cabinet Extension

The Task & Project Vision

Our client approached us with a vision to remodel their kitchen space, and together, we decided on a design that melded traditional elements with modern accents. We retained the existing flooring. For the countertops, we selected a white multicolored granite with grey accents, which provided a timeless appeal, while the glossy subway tile backsplash served as a contemporary touch, complementing the newly installed granite.

In order to achieve a seamless blend of tradtional and modern, we replaced the traditional-style cabinets with a more modern update. These new cabinets were extended in height, maximizing storage and lending a sense of grandeur to the space. We also crafted and installed a custom butler cabinet for additional storage, ensuring functionality and elegance. The island cabinets maintained their original size, and all cabinetry was stained in a rich, dark brown, evoking a classic, traditional ambiance. This thoughtful combination of traditional and modern elements resulted in a visually stunning and practical kitchen update.

Project Gallery - Before & After

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