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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring




Hardwood and engineered flooring sit among the pinnacle of luxury floors to have in your home. Simple sweeping or vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning help wood floors last a lifetime. 

Hardwood floors provide warmth and beauty to your home. Hardwood floors are entirely solid wood, which means that it can be refinished over and over again. There are many additional benefits of hardwood floors as well; such as they add value to your home and are highly praised in the resale home market.


Today's hardwood floors come in a much wider selection of colors, wood species, and widths. Hardwood floors offer an incredible array of aesthetic options, too. From the kind of wood to the finish to the design of the floor pattern, hardwood floors will suit almost any taste and circumstance.

Engineered Wood

Light brown wood flooring

Engineered Wood floors are quickly becoming the flooring of choice for active families and homeowners. Engineered wood flooring has a combination of real wood at the top layer, and plywood as the base layer. You get the look and feel of real hardwood in your home without the high cost. Some engineered wood flooring can be refinished once without reaching the plywood layer.


Engineered wood flooring is a premium option that is desired among home owners.

Hardwood - Engineered Wood Sales & Installation

Adrian's Flooring aims to make the sales & installation seamless for our customers in three easy steps

Home Remodel Estimate Form

Please fill out the contact form with the type of work requested.

Schedule Home Remodel Appointment

We will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your free* in-home estimate.

Mobile Showroom Flooring

To offer the most convenience and best service possible to all our customers, we bring our mobile showroom to you. This allows us to showcase our best products that fit your home needs.

We bring a variety of samples to your home so we can find the perfect match for your home and lifestyle. At Adrian's flooring we only carry products that perform to our standard, that means that all of our wood products will look fantastic when installed. Our wood samples offer the right blend of colors, sizes, texture and finishes to compliment any decor and style. We offer free in-home estimates, where we share our design opinions, take measurements, and will answer any questions or concerns about the installation process. 

Why wait weeks to install your new flooring? Our large selection of LOCAL STOCK makes it easy to enjoy your purchase right away. Our highly skilled installers consistently deliver a great installation, we make your new floors shine! it is part of our Adrian's Flooring standard. 

Adrian's Flooring has many different brands, colors and styles of Hardwood and Laminate Flooring.We carry Appalachian Hardwood Floors, Shaw Hardwood Floors, Mannington Wood Floors, Bruce Hardwood Floors, Armstrong Hardwood Floors as well as many others.
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