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We create custom designed cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. Please present us with a picture of your desired vision and we will advise suitable cabinets for your needs. An alternative to new cabinets is cabinet refacing, if you desire a different look while maintaining the same layout.

In our initial consultation we take measurements, explain the different types of material, and present you with a variety of different quality selections. Finally, we draw your cabinets and go over them with you. Upon approval, it takes 3 - 5 weeks to craft and install your custom designed cabinets.

LED Lights

We offer our clients a variety of lighting choices and the most requested are LED Lights. Updating the lighting system can have a substantial effect on the look and feel of the bath area, from making it feel warm and alive, to cool and modern. Lighting systems can be motion activated, they could have dimmers, or a simple on/off switches. An overlooked advantage of LED lights is that they are energy efficient.

A popular LED Light are CANNED Lights. 


  • Square tiles

  • Subway tiles

  • Chevron tiles

  • Glass tiles

  • Mosaic tiles

  • Metal tiles

  • Ceramic tiles

  • Diamond lay

  • Staggered lay


Your backsplash is a great way to inject personality in your kitchen space. Besides its practical purpose of protecting walls from splatter and easy cleaning, they're a great way to add eye-catching style.  Whatever design you choose its important that it compliments your countertop. 

Granite & Quartz Countertops

Granite counter-tops transform a mundane kitchen into a fabulous one. Quartz is an alternative to granite and in some ways, superior. Quartz is a stronger material than granite and less porous, therefore, more durable and easier to maintain. Both granite and quartz are premium counter-top materials. Besides the floor tile, the countertop has the next largest surface area, and the place where heavy-duty cooking will be done.

Floor Tile

Sometimes all a kitchen needs is to have the tile updated for it to transform the entire kitchen space. We recommend going with larger tile sizes as they will make the space look larger. In Texas bigger means better, and this is no exception. We offer natural stone products, as well as a variety of other colors and textures to match your desired taste. 

Customer Review as found on Angie's List

"Wow, not to gush over how much Adrian exceeded my expectations but he could not have done a better job. I needed my entire house remodeled and he and his crew completed everything in only 7 days and did an amazing job. they had to remove about 1200 square feet of tile and then install about 1500sqft. all the tile is flat and level with no hangers and all the lines are perfectly straight. The tile job they did on my shower is amazing. We even second guessed the quartz counters we had originally picked out and he met us at the distributor on a Saturday morning to show us larger samples of what we chose and the one we went with. Adrian and his crew were professional and busted they're ***. They started every morning at 8am, (which if you've ever had contracting done on your house people usually don't show up until 10 and leave at 430-5) and left every day at 6-7 putting in a FULL DAYS WORK. We lived in the house through the remodel and they made sure to clean up their mess at the end of every day so to not get in our way. Adrian did an amazing job for me creating my dream home. I will be using Adrian again and referring him to everyone I know"

- Howard Scheffler

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