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Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet

Designer Carpet

Carpet Sales & Installation

Adrian's Carpet provides an expansive selection of carpeting to match your unique home or office decor. We offer wall-to-wall carpet flooring and installation. Our representative will bring samples to your home or office. Upon selection of a style that meets your needs, will provide a detailed quote for purchase and professional installation. Call us and a representative will set-up an appointment that fits your schedule and provide a FREE quote.

Why wait weeks to install your new flooring? Our large selection of LOCAL STOCK on carpet makes it easy to enjoy your purchase right away. You will feel at ease with your purchase because we offer skilled and professional installers. 

Luxury Carpet

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Additional Carpet Services

Carpet Repair & Restretching



Re-section"cut and plug" is used for small areas of carpet that are burned, stain or similarly damaged. The damaged piece of carpet is cut out and a good piece of matching carpet is hot glued into its place. If leftover carpet isn`t available, a small piece is usually taken from a closet or similar hidden location.




Re-stretching is performed for loose and wrinkled carpets. Poor installation, humidity, or a backing that has lost its strength can all cause carpet to wrinkle. Like botox, re-stretching makes carpet tight again. It prolongs the carpet`s life by eliminating wrinkles which can cause the carpet to wear more quickly. It also reduces the danger of tripping on the loose material. All of these situations can be corrected by having one of our qualified carpet technicians restretch the carpet. 

Carpet Repairs & Restretching
Carpet Binding and Serging

Carpet Binding and Serging

Carpet Binding is a cotton or synthetic based material that is sewn to the edges of a piece of carpet. This is done to improve how the carpet looks and to keep the edges of the carpet from unraveling or becoming frayed.

Carpet Binding is used to create area rugs that can be utilized in a variety of ways around the house; under a dining room table, in front of a fireplace or wherever an area rug can be used to add a bit of decorative color to a room.

Carpet Binding is great for those pieces of carpet that are left over from every room installation. Use these pieces as rugs in doorways and entrances to help reduce wear and tear on the installed carpet.


Serging is a whipped-stitched yarn-over look, used frequently on Oriental Rugs. Some heavier carpets may have to be serged because they are too heavy to feed through the binder. Berber and Loop Pile carpets are often in this category.

Adrian's Flooring aims to make the sales & installation seamless for our customers in three easy steps

Home Remodel Estimate Form

Please fill out the contact form with the type of work requested.

Schedule Home Remodel Appointment

We will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your free* in-home estimate.

Mobile Showroom Flooring

To offer the most convenience and best service possible to all our customers, we bring our mobile showroom to you. This allows us to showcase our best products that fit your home needs.

Adrian's Flooring has many different brands, colors and styles of Carpet to fit your Carpet needs. We carry Mohawk, Shaw, Beaulieu as well as many other brand name carpets.

Carpet is still the flooring of choice for many homeowners. It enhances the peace and quiet of your home by absorbing sound. It insulates against the cold, cushions your feet with comfort, and adds safety. Carpet can help prevent slips and falls and protecting dropped objects from being damaged. Choosing the right color and style with confidence is easier if you have a basic understanding of today's carpet fashions and how they apply to your personal tastes and lifestyle.


Carpet Sales & Installation Process

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