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Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Bath Remodel
Bath Remodel Services

Shower and Floor Tile

The bathroom space is one of the most visited spaces within the interior of the home. As you walk into the space you are quickly greeted by the floor, whether this material is wood look tile, (SPC) luxury vinyl, or porcelain tile, each material will feel different underfoot and is a major piece of the entire setting. Within the bath space, the shower floor can vary with patterned tile or mosaic pebbles meant to complement the entire setting. Similarly, the shower walls come in a variety of textures and colors from natural stone looks to subtle yet sophisticated clean white tiles. Our materials are meant to perform aesthetically and functionally all tailored to your desired taste.

Cabinetry and Linen Closets

It can be said that cabinets are the most functional pieces within the bathroom space. They can help declutter and offer various ways to organize your most essential items. Besides functionality, at Adrian's Flooring we can personalize the design by building custom cabinets for your bathroom space from scratch. This includes paint scheme, cabinet pulls, shape, number of cabinets, lighting features, to name a few. We are always open to what our clients want, if there is an existing picture of your desired vision we will build it to your needs. An alternative to new custom cabinets is cabinet refacing, the purpose is to keep the same existing layout but update its visual looks. 

LED Lighting

Lighting is everything. Although it is a small feature it can certainly impact the mood and feel of the bathroom space. A poorly lit bathroom not only makes it difficult to navigate but can hide many of the beautiful elements within the space. An appropriately lit space will reveal the the complementing fixtures, cabinets, floors, and even highlight a specific area. Although LED CAN lights are the most requested we have worked with sconces and many others kinds of lighting systems. Lighting systems can also be motion activated, have dimmers, or easy-to-use on/off switches. The advantage of LED recessed light is their energy efficiency.