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Foxhall Green Open Concept

The Task & Project Vision

Our client recently acquired a home that, while brimming with character from its 1985 origins, was in need of some modern updates. The kitchen, in particular, had a cozy cooking area that our client felt could benefit from a touch of spaciousness. A combination of white carpet and rich cherry wood floors adorned the home, showcasing the distinct style of its time. Additionally, honey oak cabinets and formica countertops lent a classic, nostalgic charm to the space. The stage was set for a thoughtful blend of preservation and renewal.

Set within the framework of Naturalistic Modern Elegance, this kitchen seamlessly marries the organic warmth of nature with the streamlined grace of contemporary design. Opening up the walls to unite the kitchen, living, and dining areas immediately bestows an expansive, airy feel, further enhanced by the tranquil off-white of the walls. The flooring captivates, with its medium brown wood-look tiles evoking the charm of aged timber underfoot. This earthy base sets the stage for the custom cabinets, their deep foxhall green hue immersing one in the serenity of a lush forest. At the room's heart, the enlarged kitchen island radiates a golden oak warmth, an homage to the sturdiness of ancient trees. This motif continues with the fireplace, framed in the same golden oak but accented with a pristine white quartz surface, harmoniously mirroring the countertops. Contemporary LED Halo lights cascade a soft glow, highlighting the delicate dance between the matte black cabinet pulls, the shimmer of stainless steel appliances, and the elegance of a champagne bronze faucet. The result is a space that eloquently balances nature's timelessness with the sleek allure of the modern.

Project Gallery - Before & After

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