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Kitchen Refacing w/ Subway Tile

The Task & Project Vision

For this project, the client sought to revitalize their existing layout while maintaining its core style, focusing on an updated color ambiance. Recognizing that the cabinets were in excellent condition, we opted to preserve their structure and simply reface them with a fresh, contemporary color. This seemingly minor alteration dramatically shifted the kitchen's atmosphere, breathing new life into the space.

To further enhance the design, we updated the backsplash with a modern subway tile look, which harmoniously complemented both the newly refaced cabinets and the speckled granite countertops. This thoughtful choice of materials and color palette not only elevated the kitchen's aesthetic appeal but also contributed to the overall value and style of the home. Through these carefully considered updates, we successfully transformed the space into a refreshed and inviting environment that elevated the essence of the original design.

Project Gallery - Before & After

(click on image to enlarge)

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