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Modernizing A Kitchen

The Task & Project Vision

After discussing various possibilities with the client, we settled on a vision that met their needs and preferences. Our goal was to create a harmonious blend of traditional and modern styles, focusing on updating the functional aspects of the kitchen while also making aesthetic improvements in a refined, timeless manner. Since the kitchen's structure was in excellent condition, it made sense to avoid dramatic changes and concentrate on enhancing the existing features.

The wallpaper highlighted some outdated elements in the kitchen and surrounding areas. We decided to update this by applying a fresh, white-toned paint that would provide a crisp and clean backdrop. However, we maintained certain traditional aspects, incorporating them with a contemporary touch. We opted for a timeless cherry-maple engineered wood floor that extended throughout the house, adding an elegant and natural element. The warm wood floor harmoniously balanced the cooler white quartz countertops and refaced cabinets, creating a visually appealing contrast.

To further elevate the space, we incorporated energy-efficient LED lighting solutions in the ceiling and under the cabinets, which not only enhanced the ambiance but also improved the functionality of the kitchen. By carefully selecting and blending materials and design elements, we achieved a tastefully updated kitchen that balanced traditional charm with modern appeal.

Project Gallery - Before & After

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