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White Settlement

Monochromatic Bath

The Task & Project Vision

Our client approached us with a vision for their bathroom: a sleek and modern feel featuring clean lines and minimalist decor. With this in mind, we selected materials with glossy textures to create a polished appearance. The striking contrast between black and white elements added depth and dimension to the space, while maintaining harmony and cohesion in the overall design.

We installed glossy white tiles in the shower and extended them wall-to-wall throughout the bathroom for an immersive effect. A clawfoot tub was placed opposite the shower. The cabinets were refaced in white and topped with a lightly shimmering black granite vanity. LED lighting was installed to accentuate the black and white contrast, and mirrors with built-in LED lights were added.

An alternative approach to black and white design involves using eclectic or traditional patterns and textures that complement each other, creating a more dynamic and playful atmosphere while preserving modern elegance. When working with a black and white theme, it is crucial to consider the balance between light and dark elements and the interplay of various textures and patterns.

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