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Office-to-Bath Conversion

The Task & Project Vision

Our South Fort Worth client desired a master bath suite adjacent to their master bedroom. With a 3-bedroom home and only a single guest bathroom for the entire household, an additional bathroom was essential. After reviewing several options, we decided to repurpose the office room into a master bath suite, given its ideal location next to the master bedroom. Our design team focused on creating a contemporary space that combined traditional brown and white color tones, resulting in a stylish and inviting bathroom suite.

Bathroom Remodel Process

After finalizing the estimate and receiving the deposit, we set a project start date. Our team promptly arrived at 8am on the designated date to begin the demolition process. Focused on transforming the space into a master bathroom, we tore down walls and removed flooring, leaving the area bare. The demolition took around two days, during which we disposed of debris responsibly, using our company dumpster rather than leaving trash on the homeowner's property.

With projects like this, dust is inevitable. To minimize its impact, we covered surrounding areas with protective tarps to maintain a dust-free environment as much as possible. We also ensured that any escaped dust particles were cleaned up promptly, allowing for a smooth project workflow.

Once demolition was complete, we started framing and creating bathroom partitions to serve as the foundation for the master bath project. The framing process included partitions for a standing shower, bathtub, commode area, a walk-in closet within the master bath, and a separate powder room for guests. Next, we tackled bathroom plumbing, rerouting and setting up waterlines and drain systems. Plumbing work typically takes place at the beginning and end of a project like this. After installation, our plumber connected the new vanity faucet, shower valve, and white bathroom tub.

For the standing shower and surrounding tub in the master bath, we chose 12"x24" white porcelain tile with a shimmering glass border as a stylish accent. Porcelain tile is not only durable but also maintains its appearance for years, making it an ideal material for frequently used showers. To create a cohesive look, we selected a light brown mosaic for the shower floor tile, which added subtle contrast to the white shower walls. The shower floor tile features a matte or semi-gloss finish to help prevent slipping.

The finishing touch for the standing shower was a frameless glass enclosure, offering both form and function. Frameless glass enclosures not only provide a clean, minimalist look but are also easy to clean and maintain, since there are no frames or tracks to collect dirt and grime. Considered a high-end bathroom feature, glass enclosures can boost a home's value and effectively keep water contained within the shower area.

Cabinets and closet space are essential elements in a bathroom area. For this project, we were asked to create a sizable closet space. While available space can sometimes present constraints, we successfully built a walk-in closet complete with custom shelves and drawers. To maximize the space, we also constructed a large linen closet from floor to ceiling near the tub area. With adequate space, various additions or reductions can be made to suit client needs.

Flooring serves as the foundation of any bathroom space, and projects often begin with flooring choices in mind. Our client selected a tile material that mimicked the appearance of natural wood, known in the industry as "wood look tile." This modern take on a traditional material created an elegant ambiance. We installed 8"x40" porcelain wood look tiles throughout the bathroom, providing durability and water resistance. Although used in the master bathroom, this floor tile can also function well in kitchens and other living areas.

With our vision taking shape, we installed white double sink cabinets to complement the new floor tiles and wall paint. Our custom cabinets are crafted from real wood, offering a perfect fit and personalized design that prefabricated sectionals can't provide. With the cabinets in place, we added granite countertops featuring oval white sinks. We also installed numerous LED recessed lights above the tub, commode area, closet, and vanity, which can either replace or complement lighting fixtures above the mirror. We appreciate LED recessed lighting for its sleek aesthetics and enhanced functionality, such as dimming capabilities and motion sensor activation.

In the final stages, we installed a double door to separate the master bedroom and the new master bath suite. Concurrently, we worked on remodeling the guest bath, which echoed the design elements of the master suite but in a smaller scale. The same wood-look planks were laid, accompanied by new cabinets and matching granite countertops.

Ultimately, we successfully transformed an office room into an elegant master bath suite with a walk-in closet and revamped the powder room. Our client was escatic with the end result and satisfied with our service.

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