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Fort Worth

Modern Rustic Bath

The Task & Project Vision

We were delighted to be invited back by our client to continue their home transformation, this time focusing on the master bathroom, following the successful completion of their kitchen remodel.

Our goal was to maintain the modern rustic theme established in the kitchen, ensuring a seamless and cohesive design throughout the home. To achieve this, we incorporated the same multi-colored grey luxury vinyl plank flooring in the bathroom, providing a durable and stylish foundation. We also utilized the same quartz for the vanity countertop and backsplash, ensuring visual harmony between the two spaces.

Custom alabaster white cabinets were designed and installed, offering a fresh and inviting contrast to the grey flooring. We further elevated the space with custom oval mirrors featuring beveled edges, which not only added an element of refinement but also helped to enhance the sense of light and space in the room. A modern lighting fixture was installed above the vanity mirror, adding a contemporary touch while providing ample illumination.

For the shower walls, we opted for a white porcelain tile that mimicked the appearance of marble, offering the desired aesthetic with the added benefits of greater durability and ease of maintenance. This porcelain tile was carried over to surround the bathtub, creating a consistent and cohesive look. Within the shower, we designed a niche that was placed in a hidden area, allowing the shower space to maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance. Ultimately, we were thrilled to create a tailored modern rustic theme for the master bathroom that perfectly complemented the kitchen design.

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