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Luxurious Marble Walk-in Bath

The Task & Project Vision

Being drawn to the locality of our area, many of our projects are located in beautiful Fort Worth and her neighboring cities. We had a pre-existing relationship with our client in Dallas and so began our project.

The original bathroom featured a clawfoot tub and a chandelier within the shower, which was a design choice from a previous remodel completed before the current homeowner moved in. Our client envisioned a more spacious and luxurious marble bathroom transformation.

After detailing the layout of the bath space, we concluded that it had potential to be spacious without any major wall adjustments. By removing the clawfoot tub and the chandelier from the shower, we instantly opened up the space. We selected a white marble tile with moderate veining for the base, complemented by a bronze diamond border as an accent. Bronze was incorporated as a consistent accent throughout the space, adding warmth and depth to the design.

To maintain a cohesive look, we used a marble hexagon mosaic for the shower floor. A shower bench was installed behind the half-wall to offer functionality while remaining visually minimal. The overall design successfully integrated marble elements, exuding luxury and elegance that elevated the entire bathroom space. It is worth noting, however, that marble can be a more expensive choice and may require additional maintenance compared to other materials.

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