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Traditional Italian Tuscany Bath

The Task & Project Vision

Our client in Colleyville desired to maintain the warm tones in their master bathroom while updating the overall appearance. With existing Italian accents in the bathroom, we embraced this as the guiding vision for the project. We retiled the shower and surrounding tub area using travertine, a classic material with centuries of use in Italian architecture and design. The warm, earthy tones of travertine are reminiscent of Tuscany and other Italian regions where the stone is commonly found.

We selected a lighter travertine for the bathroom floor and a slightly darker shade for the shower wall. To harmonize the light and dark elements, we used a neutral cream tumbled travertine subway tile for the border. The textured surface of the material evokes the ancient ruins and buildings that characterize the Italian countryside, lending a timeless and authentic feel to the space. We installed a new bathtub with modern black faucets and fixtures to contrast the traditional elements. Warm lighting further accentuated the improvements, resulting in a beautifully remodeled Italian-style bathroom.

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